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4. June 2002 What happened to ALC ?
This is not quite easy to answer but I'll try. In these days after the 26. March I invested much time into finding a good way of networking. It should have been Better than this from Wurmz!. So I begun learning more than programming. I learned about these POSIX sockets, their interfaces, their way of doing network communication. But this was where my interest shifted away from ALC. I wrote some little applications just for playing around with sockets. It was sad but my interest in ALC was gone at that time. Today I'm working with the AnimationMaster creating some 3D-Models for experience, and working on a school project a LinuxApacheMysqlPhp (LAMP) powered WebShop.
All in all these days are really bad for ALC. But the sources are still there and my thoughts about ALC became more and more in the last days. For the fans of Liero and all it clones, ALC is officially dead but will resurrect soon or later. When that time has come I'll come back to the Liero forum at Lieronet.
29. March 2002 I added syntax highlighting to the codetalk :-).
26. March 2002 So yesterday I got the first native server running. It was a really nice feeling :-) . Now I'm going to update those clients input functions and refreshing most of the physcis with some nice integer only code. (I have thought of using 64bit integers. So you would have to need mmx or better. What do you think ?)
22. March 2002 It seems to me that I have everything written that is needed for the server. I'm doing now the job of puzzling all those parts together...
20. March 2002 The network libs are nearly finished, they already compile perfectly. So I'll begin tommorrow with implementing them into ALC.
19. March 2002 I want to do more updates now, and to work more constantly on ALC rather then in extreme periods. Currently I spent one or two hours a day on ALC developement. This is not much compared with the time I spent in the first month of developement ( >10 hours a day). But I hope to give the progress some kind of "slow but successfull" future.
17. March 2002 Finally I found the lieronet forum !!
I thought it was lost like all these other lost,frozen or unfinished liero things but the just gave up their adress at ""
I read all these news about Wurmz! and Worm Rage which both seem to be very promising. But don't loose your faith in ALC I'm still here and I'm still developing it. Sure I was lazy in the last few weeks but now I got my motivation back. Thanks to Wurmz and Worm Rage which are worthy to get beaten in a championship by ALC :-).
by Dominic Letz