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Title Description Progress
Graphic support Today I cut down the low bit depth support. All image files have to be png files now. And the bit depth must be at least 16bit. done
Networking Well, currently I'm only working on this. The main part will be the mOPNI ( myOwnPortableNetworkInterface ). I hope to finish it soon and begin betatesting the networking. waiting
Ports Now it is hard to talk about porting, because ALC already IS a multi platform game. The dedicated server will run on a Linux/FreeBSD/BeOS/Windows machine while the client will run on a BeOS/Windows machine. done

network.cpp (mOPNI) The platform specific wrapper for all the nonblocking stream socket operations. (This means it is a part of sourcecode which have to be changed from OS to OS. These give ALC the access to TCP/IP connections). 100%
disk.cpp Another fine package of functions to load all those resources by using my xml formatet configuration files. Sadly I haven't made those unload functions yet. (Memory killer) 100%
alcnet.cpp Platform independent functions which are the the bridge between the inner working of ALC and the TCP/IP functions ( 90%
input.cpp This part will contain all handling of input and output. I used a very basic solution for this until now, but I want it more flexible. 0%
xmlwriter.cpp Hehe, this is a part that I left untouched until now. But it will contain all function to write a xml tree down to a file. My current support of xml is read-only but for saving of settings this have to be changed. (Should not be that hard but also not interesting) 0%
by Dominic Letz